Gene Caberra Band

Few artists manage to transcend genre boundaries so naturally and create such an independent sound as Gene Caberra Band. Three musicians from Berlin, whose creative horizon includes everything that could be considered for a good song.

Already with their debut EP “Attic Tape”, singer and guitarist Gene Caberra, bassist René Flächsenhaar and drummer Mathias Uredat impressed in terms of sound and songwriting. With their first album they go a big step further and mix blues, rock and pop with R&B, neo soul, lofi and reggae on an international level.

“Patchwork” is the title of the album not only because of the multitude of musical influences and styles it contains, but primarily refers to the way the three musicians work. They don’t see themselves as a classic rehearsal room band, but rather as a producer band, where the cloud is the central location for tracks and song ideas.

All audio tracks that accumulated at home, in the recording studio or tour bus ended up on the mixing desk of producer Christian Keymer, who also accompanies most of the band’s concerts as a keyboardist and now gave the album the finishing touches. He succeeded in formulating the concentrated musical skill of the trio and creating a sound that is both and fresh. Acoustic guitars are on an equal footing with synthetic sounds, analog drums with programmed beats. At the same time the musicians always put their virtuoso skills at the service of the respective song.

With soulful coolness, Gene Caberra sings his way effortlessly through catchy rock and dance tunes, reggae tracks and acoustic ballads. The fact that he is also an outstanding guitarist is proven not only by the more than 30,000 subscribers who follow his tutorials on YouTube. René Flächsenhaar on bass and Mathias Uredat on drums form a rhythm section that covers the entire spectrum between power and reluctance and grounds each of the ten tracks with playful ease.

With “Patchwork” Gene Caberra Band provide the soundtrack for everyone who digs a crisp blues guitar sound and catchy melodies as well as chilled Lofi Pop, checked out beats and bass lines. To be released in summer 2022.

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11.03.22 | Savoy, Bordesholm, DE

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