Gene Caberra Band

It was not the first music recording in a barn. In Gene Caberra’s case though, it was the actual attic of it. Inspired by the special acoustics of wooden beams and insulation wool, the guitarist and singer locked himself in for two weeks to record a handful of his songs in a DIY style.

The results spoke for themselves, so it didn’t need much to convince bass player René Flächsenhaar and drummer Mathias Uredat to take part in this new project. Gene already knew them both from numerous gigs they played together as a backing band for other artists. In various recording studios in Berlin the trio completed the songs, also with support of guest musicians from the local scene. The Gene Caberra Band was born, the „Attic Tape“ ready to be unleashed.

This five-track EP unites the band’s love for Blues with R&B, Soul, a healthy dose of Rock’n’Roll and soulful Pop.

With a fresh throwback sound, crisp arrangements and a certain easiness, the songs not only go straight into the ear, but also directly into the heart.

“Attic Tape” by Gene Caberra Band is a fantastic and very diverse debut, which promises great things for the upcoming album.

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Upcoming Shows

26.03.19 | Blackbird Music Studio, Berlin, DE

05.04.19 | Artenschutztheater, Berlin, DE

25.04.19 | Kulturtransport, Bremerhaven, DE

26.04.19 | Theater des Friedens, Rostock, DE

11.05.19 | Barbobu, Berlin, DE

22.05.19 | Barkett, Berlin, DE

05.10.19 | Altes Spital, Viechtach, DE