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B3 release new song “Fake News”

Like many others, the Berlin fusion band B3 is currently stranded in regards to concerts. Reason enough to spend the gained time on the writing and producing of new songs, thought B3-mastermind Andreas Hommelsheim. It was about time anyway: in 2017 their last album was released, a live album called “Get Up! Live at the…

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Upcoming Events

Lorenz Kellhuber Trio

28.09.21 | Stadtkirche, Darmstadt, DE


30.09.21 | Kulturzentrum St. Barbara, Zwickau, DE

21.10.21 | Kofferfabrik, Fürth, DE

22.10.21 | EinsteinHaus, Ulm, DE

23.10.21 | Disharmonie, Schweinfurt, DE

29.10.21 | Jazz We Can, Bad Marienberg, DE

30.10.21 | Lindencult, Weilburg, DE

Lorenz Kellhuber  

29.10.21 | Piano Salon Christophori, Berlin, DE