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B3: “Get Up!“ Tour 2018

Coming Friday the jazzrockers from B3 will start their Germany tour with their just released album, „Get up! Live at the A-Trane“. Check out the dates! 09.02.18 | Bielefelder Jazzclub, Bielefeld14.02.18 | Club Bambule, Göppingen15.02.18 | Kofferfabrik, Fürth (Tickets)16.02.18 | Disharmonie, Schweinfurt (Tickets)22.02.18 | Beavers, Miltenberg (Tickets)23.02.18 | Jazzclub Biberach, Biberach (Tickets)24.02.18 | Kulturschock, Königshofen20.04.18 | Deele Brosen, Kalletal18.05.18…

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