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Farewell to Gérard Batrya

It is with great grief to tell you that our dear friend and esteemed fellow musician Gérard Batrya left us in the early morning of April 12 after a serious illness. We came to Saint-Julia with b3 to at least play a few songs together with him in front of his audience. This turned into…

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Upcoming Shows

Berlin 21

07.12.23 | Alte Feuerwache, Berlin, DE

New Orleans Shakers 

08.11.23 | PAN Con Tomate, Hamburg, DE 

09.11.23 | Atrium New Living Home Hotel, Hamburg, DE 

10.11.23 | Hotel Lindenhof, Wolfsburg, DE 

11.11.23 | Deutsches Haus, Bad Grund, DE

Ron Spielman Trio 

15.11.23 | Disharmonie, Schweinfurt, DE 

16.11.23 | Musiktheater Rex, Bensheim, DE

Torsten Zwingenberger 4tet

16.11.23 | Petruskirche Lichterfelde, Berlin, DE

15.12.23 | Bürgerhaus, Teltow, DE

Lorenz Kellhuber 

18.11.23 | Jazztage Dresden, Dresden, DE

02.12.23 | Langner Jazz Hall, Hamburg, DE

Lorenz Kellhuber Trio

07.12.23 | Pianosalon Christophori, Berlin, DE