Hub Hildenbrand

Hub Hildenbrand is inspired by the music of other cultures and of the world at large. Hildenbrand’s mission is to bring the bewitching poetic colors of other string instrument’s timbres (like oud, sarod, sitar, rabab and tar) to his instrument. The understanding that there is a common ground underlying all musical cultures, a musical language spanning the world is a central part of his philosophy.

Drawing from Jazz, European music, Middle Eastern and Indian heritages, Berlin-based guitarist and composer Hub Hildenbrand reveals places that have so far been closed to the guitar, creating an expressive language of his own.

In 2020 he released his solo album “When The Night Lost Its Stars” on tape. The release of his upcoming solo record is scheduled for 2021.

“In Hildenbrand’s hands, a normal guitar becomes the tool of a mystic.”

“Whole worlds unite in the sounds that Hub Hildenbrand brings out of his guitar.”
(Jazz thing)

“A world of sound that develops a hypnotic attraction.”
(Deutschlandradio Kultur)


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Upcoming Shows

29.07.21 | (Workshop), Wermelskirchen, DE

30.07.21 | (WS + Konzert), Wermelskirchen, DE

05.11.21 | Ekkharthof, Lengwil, CH

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