Erik Penny

The American singer/songwriter Erik Penny is a charismatic storyteller; a philosopher of the little things.  His earthy, rootsy songs spring from a subtle, unassuming place and rise to sometimes unexpectedly dramatic heights.  Characters and moments turn into stories, brought to life through his distinctive baritone and engaging melodies; his disarmingly charming vibe and the openhearted warmth of his music inspire an infectious, powerfully positive good feeling.

Over 2 years have passed since Erik’s last album release, and the new songs from the upcoming studio album “Heart Bleed Out” are among the most personal that Erik has ever written. After 2 EPs, 3 studio albums, a live album, and extensive successful German touring (including supporting artists as diverse as Joe Cocker, Ronan Keating, and Philipp Poisel), Erik took a break from the stage and studio to care for his seriously ill young daughter and to come to terms with the loss of a very dear friend.  During that time, writing the songs which would become “Heart Bleed Out” gave him a sense of solace and balance, as well as a place to put the overwhelming emotions he was feeling – either to keep them forever, or to be rid of them once and for all.  There really was no choice: Erik Penny wrote “Heart Bleed Out” because he had to.

“This is the fine art of song-writing

“Arranged soulfully, performed heart-warming

“On 14 songs the man with the distinctive baritone hits the right note”
(Leipziger Volkszeitung)

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13.05.23 | Bar Bobu, Berlin, DE