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New B3 album out on Nov 10th!

Having released two studio albums and having played countless concerts, Fusion quartet B3’s first live album, „Get Up! Live at the A-Trane“, will be released on Nov 10th. The Berlin-based musicians present themselves in one of Germany’s most renowned jazz clubs having a lot of fun playing and combining elements from Jazz, Rock, Funk and…

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Upcoming Events


06.02.20 | Theaterstübchen, Kassel, DE

07.02.20 | Domicil, Dortmund, DE

14.02.20 | Jazzclub, Bielefeld, DE

Gene Caberra Band

12.02.20 | Der Club, Heiligenhaus, DE

13.02.20 | Woanders, Menden, DE

14.02.20 | Earth Music Hall, Wetter, DE

15.02.20 | KUK, Bad Wünnenberg, DE

Berlin 21

18.01.20 | Petruskirche Lichterfelde, Berlin, DE

08.02.20 | Jazz Club, Nienburg, DE

12.02.20 | Heidbarghof Osdorf, Hamburg, DE

13.02.20 | Kunstkate, Hamburg, DE