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B3: Five Years of Fusion Tour 2019

Having played together for five years now, Fusion quartet B3 will hit the road again in 2019. Check out the dates: 07.03.19 | BIX, Stuttgart, DE 08.03.19 | Kofferfabrik, Fürth 09.03.19 | KiCK, City Kino Hersbruck, Hersbruck, DE 22.03.19 | A-Trane, Berlin, DE 23.03.19 | A-Trane, Berlin, DE 29.03.19 | Disharmonie, Schweinfurt, DE 30.03.19 |…

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New Signing: Gene Caberra Band

Blackbird Music are very proud and happy to welcome new signing Gene Caberra Band with Gene Caberra on vocals and guitar, René Flächsenhaar on bass and Mathias Uredat on drums! On March 29th we will release their debut EP “Attic Tape”, which unites the band’s love for Blues with R&B, Soul, a healthy dose of…

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Upcoming Events

Lorenz Kellhuber

20.09.19 | St.Petri Kirche, Hamburg, DE

19.10.19 | Pflegehofhalle, Langenau, DE

23.11.19 | Hörart Concerts, Bremen, DE

Lorenz Kellhuber Trio

05.12.19 | Bird's Eye Jazzclub, Basel, CH

07.12.19 | Limmitationes, Deutsch Minihof, AUT

Ron Spielman

07.09.19 | Museumsnacht-Coburg, Coburg, DE 

13.09.19 | Village, Habach, DE 

07.12.19 | Kulturforum Warburg, Warburg, DE


16.08.19 | Goldne Sonne, Schneeberg, DE

12.10.19 | Jazzclub, Augsburg, DE

08.11.19 | Fürstenwalder Jazztage, Fürstenwalde, DE

15.11.19 | Küsters Hof, Wunstorf, DE

16.11.19 | Prinzenhofkeller, Arnstadt (Jazzmeile Thüringen), DE