55 Fifty Five

55 Fifty Five is a story about five friends: In 2008, Andreas Hommelsheim, songwriter and keyboarder of 55 Fifty Five, decides to start rehearsing with long-time friend Lutz Halfter again. Hommelsheim begins to write original material. Shortly thereafter, Henrik “Ille” Illgner (lead vocals), Torsten “Todd” Wagner (guitar) and Simon Pauli (bass) join forces with them and the heart of 55 Fifty Five is in place. Bit by bit the band is expanded in the following months until finally a twelve-piece formation starts rehearsals for their first gig. Initially conceived as an idea to surprise a birthday guest the band immediately creates an intense atmosphere during their first live performance, fascinating their audience. By sheer coincidence 500 spectators end up witnessing the birth of 55 Fifty Five at the “Palais” of the Kulturbrauerei Berlin. Listening to the audio cut of their performance makes everyone realize they were responsible for a magical moment. Every note hits the spot, the horn section is 100% funky, the man on the keyboards plays at his best, the guitar rocks and flatters at the same time, bass and drums groove irresistibly and above all that reigns a soulful, energetic voice that never shakes. In a nutshell: the public needs to see this.

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